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Companies of all sizes and across multiple workplace sectors are benefiting from youth apprenticeship. The flexibility of the apprenticeship model means it can be tailored to specific company and industry needs. As the demand for highly skilled workers continues to grow, the list of participating work sectors keeps expanding as more and more companies invest in the apprenticeship strategy. 

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Companies currently participating in the Apprenticeship Randolph program include: 


Machining- Not taking
apprentices in 2021

Allen Machine & Fabrications

machining- not taking
apprentices in 2021


Mechatronics- looking for 2
maintenance apprentices in 2021

DS Smith

Mechatronics- looking for 1-2
maintenance apprentices in 2021

EG Industries

Machining- NOT taking
apprentices in 2021

Elastic Therapy, Inc (ETI)

Mechatronics- Looking for 3-4 medical knitting technician & sewing maintenance technician apprentices in 2021


Mechatronics- looking for
2 apprentices in 2021

Hubbell Industrial Controls

machining, Mechatronics-
looking for 1
machinist apprentice in 2021

Jaeco Precision

machining- looking for 1
machinist/toolmaker apprentice
in 2021

Jowat Adhesives

MECHATRONICS- looking for
2 manufacturing apprentices
in 2021

Mohawk Industries

MECHATRONICS- looking for
2-3 maintenance apprentices
in 2021

Oliver Rubber

information technology, MECHATRONICS-
not taking apprentices in 2021


machining- LOOKING FOR 3

Phoenix Precision Machining

machining- looking for 1
machinist apprentice in 2021

Post Consumer Brands

MECHATRONICS- looking for 1
maintenance apprentice in 2021

Randolph Community College

information technology-
looking for 1-2 computer support
specialist apprentices in 2021

Sapona Plastics

machining, MECHATRONICS- looking
for 1 toolmaker apprentice in 2021


machining, MECHATRONICS-
looking for 1 tooling & 1 maintenance apprentice in 2021

Unique Tool


United Brass Works

machining- looking for
1 machinist apprentice in 2021

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