• Apprentice Name: Brandon Hill
  • High School: Randleman High School
  • Home Town: Sophia, NC
  • Grade Level: High School Graduate 
  • Company Name: Hubbell Industrial Controls
  • Role: Industrial Controls
  • Start Date: 2017

High school students are more aware than ever of the rising costs of college. Many students, like Brandon Hill, have a desire to further their education but know their families can’t take on the financial load. Not wanting to saddle himself with a mound of debt, Brandon was searching for other options.

“I was considering going into the military or attending one of the universities close to home,” he said.

An event hosted at Brandon’s school opened his eyes to apprenticeship. During this information session, members from different local companies visited Randleman High School to discuss available job opportunities, and to highlight the benefits of an apprenticeship program.

The thing that resonated most with Brandon was the ability to earn a debt-free college degree. He was also surprised to hear about the diverse jobs available in his region. Ultimately, he decided to apply.

“There were many steps to the application process,” he recalled. “I felt a bit anxious in the waiting, but now I know it was definitely well worth it.”

Brandon was matched with a company called Hubbell Industrial Controls in Archdale, NC. His role is in industrial controls. Specifically, he inspects returned customer material and tests new productions.

“I was always interested in working in electronics,” he said. “I took a lot of the electronics classes, as well as other pinnacle classes available at my high school.”

Now, Brandon is not only receiving college-level education, but he’s also preparing for a career through hands-on experience.

“I’m currently working toward an associate’s degree in mechatronics and a couple of professional certificates, and thinking about pursuing my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.”

Brandon credits his Career Development Coordinator, Stephanie Adams, with helping him get to the point he’s at today. 

“She helped me with the application process and just coordinating what needed to happen when,” he explained. “She was always available to answer questions, and even if she didn’t know the answer, she was quick to find it.”

Additionally, Brandon describes his team at Hubbell as “amazing,” and says his teachers are fully aware of the balance that needs to be struck between class time and work. 

“Everyone has been supportive, working around my schedule and helping to see me succeed.”   

Now, Brandon no longer has fears around college debt; he knows the investments he’s making today will pay off in a big way.

“I usually tell the people at my high school when I go back to present that apprenticeship is only four years, and I am making more money than other people who have left high school and entered the workforce.”

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