• Name: Keshon Coleman
  • School: Asheboro High School
  • Home Town: Asheboro, NC
  • Age: 18
  • Company Name: Post Consumer Brands
  • Job Role: Maintenance Technician 
  • Start Date: Summer 2018

Keshon Colemean, Asheboro High School senior, started an apprenticeship with Post Consumer Brands. Now, he understands the work behind their motto, “Feeding America,” and is developing skills for a promising career.

“As a maintenance technician at Post Consumer Brands, I help keep the plant running,” he explained. “If there is a problem in a production line, it is my job to fix it.”

Keshon says he is learning to repair any and everything through welding, hydraulic, pneumatic, and other machining technologies. He has also learned how to do electrical work, a skill that directly relates to his dream job as an electrical maintenance technician.

“I always wanted to go into electrical engineering,” he said. “At first I wanted to go to a four-year college, but I didn’t want to go into debt in order to do so.”

His school’s Career Development Coordinator, Mrs. McGowan, told him about the Apprenticeship Randolph program.

“Mrs. McGowan answered any questions I had about the program, and my mom really encouraged me to seize this opportunity.” 

Keshon said the process to land an apprenticeship was almost the same as getting a real job.

“You apply and companies look at your experience and get to know you,” he explained. “Orientation was interesting, as companies observe you to learn how you work with other people.”

So far, his experience at Post Consumer Brands has been invaluable. In addition to receiving hands-on experience, a paycheck, and free college classes that directly relate to what he’s learning in the plant, Keshon has developed a variety of life skills.

Keshon Coleman - Male Apprentice

“The learning goes beyond the job and into other areas of life; you are always learning something new and improving.”

Keshon was mentored by an experienced apprentice, Jonathan Mershcowski, who gave him valuable advice and helped him make a good impression. His managers at Post Consumer Brands have told him that when it comes to the further education available, the sky’s the limit.

“There is no other opportunity like this,” Keshon said. “You get an early start to your career and earn while you learn. Once you finish, you’re in a great position for a job offer!” 

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