Apprenticeship Randolph: A Path to Success

Name: Logan Sink
College: Randolph Community College 
High School: Wheatmore High School, Class of 2021
Hometown: Trinity, N.C.
Age: 17
Company: Jowat Corporation in High Point, N.C.
Job Role: IT Support Technician Apprentice, First Year

Two apprentices and their mentor

Through Apprenticeship Randolph, Wheatmore High School senior Logan Sink is already working toward his associate degree in information technology from Randolph Community College (RCC). He’s also working part-time as a first-year IT support technician apprentice for Jowat Corporation. 

“I knew I wanted to be in information technology in some way,” says Logan. “IT really is what makes the world go round. Increasingly everything that we do has something to do with IT.”

Logan earns a steady paycheck with benefits from Jowat while his RCC tuition is paid for through a state youth apprenticeship waiver. Jowat pays for his books and fees, making his college experience a debt-free one. The benefit Logan is most excited about is getting a head start on a career in an in-demand field that will lead to even more opportunities. 

Jowat, headquartered in Detmold, Germany, is one of the leading suppliers of industrial adhesives used in woodworking and furniture manufacturing; paper and packaging; graphic arts; textiles; and automotive and electrical industries. Jowat also has plants in Switzerland and Malaysia and employs 1,200 people all over the world. 

Learning in a Professional Environment 

Logan first heard about Apprenticeship Randolph through a school presentation by Jowat’s Human Resources manager, Hillary Walser. He was immediately drawn to the concept of learning and growing in a professional environment. “And all at no cost to me, it just seemed like a no-brainer,” Logan says.

Apprenticeship is a good fit for Logan because he learns best by watching, doing, and asking questions. “If I can understand why we’re doing this, then I can understand how to do it,” he says.  

Due to the pandemic, Logan’s courses are all asynchronous (he can complete the coursework on his own time) and online except for one that requires meeting virtually twice a week. Jowat has provided Logan with his own office, and when he’s finished working on Jowat projects, he’s allowed to stay in his office and complete the day’s coursework. 

Logan has learned a lot about customer service by working in Jowat’s IT department. “I help our employees be the best at whatever they do,” says Logan. In addition, he’s learning new operating systems and programs, including SAP, and the ins and outs of an office environment. 

Through apprenticeship, Logan is becoming more self-reliant. “I’m more confident in myself, my abilities, my financial standing, and in social relationships.”

A Supportive Community

RCC’s staff has been extremely helpful for Logan as he navigates college courses and the apprenticeship program. “It does take a lot of work to keep it all together, but you have lots of support,” he says. 

The companies participating in Apprenticeship Randolph are the biggest advocates of the program. Logan says, “They want the very best for you, and they want to see the very best in you.”

Through Jowat, Logan has found a support system that encourages and motivates him. “Your coworkers really want to see you succeed,” he says.

The Fast Lane: Apprenticeship

Logan advises prospective apprentices to go to Apprenticeship Randolph’s website, see what they have to offer, and really think about your future. “You have to be willing to learn,” he says. “You have to be diligent. You have to be willing to put in the work.”
The hard work pays off. “You’re going to be debt free,” he continues. “It’s an incredible opportunity. Just keep your eye on the prize and stay in the fast lane.”

Ready to Earn and Learn?

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